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Need for Speed

Need for Speed
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Need for Speed

Need for velocity (ifs) is a racing video game franchise published by means of electronic arts and presently developed by way of ghost video games. the series facilities around illicit street racing and in trendy responsibilities players to finish various types of races at the same time as evading the local regulation enforcement in police interests. the collection launched its first title, the want for velocity, in 1994. the maximum latest sport, need for pace payback, turned into released in 2017.

The series has been overseen and had video games advanced by using more than one fantastic teams over the years inclusive of ea black box and criterion video games, the builders of burnout.[1] the franchise has been seriously nicely received and is one of the most a success online game franchises of all time, promoting over a hundred and fifty million copies of games.[2] due to its robust sales, the franchise has improved into different styles of media which include a film variation and certified hot wheels toys.


The need for speed collection changed into at the beginning advanced via one of a kind software program, a online game studio primarily based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. previous to electronic arts’ purchase of the agency in 1991, it had created famous racing video games such as stunts and take a look at drive ii: the duel. after the purchase, the enterprise changed into renamed electronic arts (ea) Canada. the company capitalized on its enjoy in the area by means of growing the need for pace collection in late 1992.

Ea Canada continued to expand and enlarge the need for speed franchise up to 2002, whilst any other Vancouver-based totally gaming enterprise, named black box games, become reduced in size to continue the collection with need for velocity: hot pursuit 2.[5] ea black field has been the number one collection developer on a yearly cycle from 2002-08.

In 2009, ea introduced in slightly mad studios, due to sagging income, and they released need for pace: shift, and ea’s very own united kingdom-based company criterion video games got here with hot pursuit in 2010. in 2011, barely mad studios launched a sequel to shift, shift 2: unleashed and ea black field launched the run.

In 2010, ea brought a social platform, titled auto log, for need for velocity: warm pursuit and future video games in the collection. auto log affords social capabilities for want for velocity video games thru a mobile app and website; it lets in players to tune game development, view leader boards, share screenshots with pals, and extra

At e3 2012, criterion video games VP Alex ward announced that random builders would now not be growing nfs titles. ward would not confirm that every one need for velocity games in the destiny might be advanced completely by using criterion, however he did say the studio might have “sturdy involvement” in them and might have manipulate over which nfs titles might be released inside the destiny.

In august 2013, following the downsizing of criterion video games, it changed into introduced that Swedish developer ghost games might advantage manipulate of the want for speed racing franchise and oversee destiny development of the principle series.[8][9] at the time, 80% of ghost video games’ work pressure consisted of former criterion games personnel.

Need for Speed


Almost all the video games within the nfs collection hire the identical essential regulations and similar mechanics: the player controls a race car in a diffusion of races, the intention being to win the race. inside the tournament/career mode, the participant must win a chain of races for you to release vehicles and tracks. before each race, the player chooses a vehicle and has the option of choosing both an automated or manual transmission. all games in the series have some shape of multiplayer mode allowing players to race each other thru a break up screen, a lan or the net. given that need for pace: excessive stakes, the collection has additionally integrated car frame customization into gameplay.

Although the games proportion the same name, their tone and recognition can vary significantly. for instance, in some games the vehicles can suffer mechanical and visual harm, while in different video games the vehicles cannot be damaged at all; in a few video games, the software simulates real-automobile conduct (physics), whilst in others there are extra forgiving physics.

With the release of want for speed: underground, the collection shifted from racing sports motors on scenic factor-to-factor tracks to an import/tuner subculture concerning avenue racing in an urban setting. to date, this subject matter has remained typical in maximum of the subsequent games.

Want for velocity: shift and its sequel took a simulator technique to racing, presenting closed-circuit racing on actual tracks just like the burglarizing and the lacuna secs, and fictional road circuits in cities like London and Chicago. the auto lists encompass a mixture of exotics, sports activities automobiles, and tuners similarly to special race motors.

Most of the games inside the franchise consist of police interests in a few shape or different. in some of the games proposing police pursuit (e.g. want for velocity iii: hot pursuit), the player can play as both the felon or the cop.[10] the ideas of drifting and dragging were added in want for velocity: underground. those new mechanics are blanketed within the match/career mode apart from the normal avenue races. float races, in games like need for velocity: underground and need for velocity (2015), the participant must defeat other racers by way of totaling the maximum factors, earned by way of the length and timing of the waft made through the participant’s car.[11] in drag races, the participant need to finish first to win the race, although if the player crashes into an obstacle or wall, the race ends.[11] within the current sport want for pace: payback, the participant has to earn a certain range of points to win; boom their multiplier based on what number of points they get, whist passing via a limited variety of checkpoints.

The idea of vehicle tuning advanced with every new sport, from focusing mainly on the mechanics of the automobile to which includes how the car seems. each sport except want for pace: warm pursuit has vehicle tuning that can set alternatives for items like abs, traction manage, or down force, or for upgrading components just like the engine or gearbox. visible tuning of the participant’s car will become vital in event/career mode after the discharge of need for speed: underground 2, when the arrival is rated from zero to 10 points. whilst a car attains a excessive sufficient visual score, the car is eligible to be on the duvet of a fictional mag.

Like every racing video games, the need for speed collection features a listing of cars, modeled and named after actual motors. motors inside the franchise are divided into four classes: individual automobiles, muscle cars, tuners, and unique motors.[14] unusual motors function excessive overall performance, luxurious cars like the Lamborghini mucilaginous, Mercedes-Benz SLR Clarence, Chevrolet corvette and the ford gt; muscle cars talk over with the ford mustang, steer clear of challenger and the Chevrolet carom; whilst tuner automobiles are vehicles just like the Nissan skyline and the Mitsubishi lancer evolution. the special automobiles are civilian and police vehicles which can be available for use in a few video games, inclusive of the ford crown Victoria in need for pace: warm pursuit and rubbish vehicles, hearth engines and taxis in need for pace: carbon.[14]

At first the collection came about in global settings, consisting of race tracks in australia, europe, and Africa.[15] beginning with underground, the collection has taken location in fictional metropolitan cities.[16] the first sport featured site visitors on “face to face” mode, at the same time as later games site visitors may be toggled on and stale, and starting with underground, site visitors is a set obstacle.[16] maximum of the latest want for pace games are set in fictional locations of our international, in some of specific time periods. those consist of, however aren’t limited to, bay view, rock port, Montcalm town, sea crest county, fair haven metropolis, redview county, venture bay, and fortune valley.

Need for Speed


The Need for Speed (1994)

The unique want for speed was launched for do in 1994 with variations launched for the pc (dos) (1995), PS and Saturn (1996) following shortly afterwards. the want for speed and its special version have been the simplest games within the collection to help dos, with subsequent releases for the pc going for walks best on home windows.

The first installment of the want for pace was the simplest critical attempt by the collection to offer a practical simulation of car handling elements through the direct collaboration of personnel contributors from street & song. electronic arts left the dealing with dynamics tuning with the car magazine’s pro drivers to suit automobile behavior which include sensible over and under steer that remains staggering a long time later, in addition to sounds made with the aid of the cars’ equipment manipulate levers and different features. the sport contained vehicle records with spoken remark, numerous “magazine style” photographs of every car, and short video-clips highlighting the automobiles set to song. maximum motors and tracks are available at the beginning of the game, and the objective is to liberate the closing locked content material by using triumphing tournaments. this version featured chases with the aid of police vehicles, a popular topic throughout the series.

Any other version referred to as the need for speed: unique version, became released handiest for the pc in 1996. it featured guide for direct 2 and pct/IP networking, new tracks, however dropped the ever-famous flip and go in favor of the more time-honored scene reset after an twist of fate, a portents of the arcade style gaming that could dominate the collection ever after.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed II (1997)

Want for pace ii (nfs ii) featured some uncommon and extraordinary motors, which include the ford indigo concept vehicle, and featured u . s .-themed tracks from north the us, europe, Asia and australia. a new racing mode turned into also added, dubbed “knockout”, wherein the ultimate racers to complete laps can be removed. similarly, music design become more open-ended; gamers ought to now “force” off the asphalt, and cut across fields to take advantage of shortcuts. want for velocity ii: unique version consists of one more music, extra motors, and assist for glide. the playstation port of nfs ii became the primary playstation game to take benefit of the neocon controller, and the twin analog and dual shock controllers as well.

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit (1998)

Want for velocity iii: hot pursuit added hot pursuit mode, where the participant both attempted to outrun the police or be the cop, arresting speeders. nfs iii took gain of the multimedia competencies through proposing audio observation, picture slideshows, and track videos. this sport changed into the first inside the collection to allow the downloading of extra motors from the authentic website. as a end result, modding communities sprang up to create motors. the pc model changed into additionally the first game within the series to help direct 3D hardware.

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