Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Need for velocity (ifs) is a racing video game franchise published by means of electronic arts and presently developed by way of ghost video games. the series facilities around illicit street racing and in trendy responsibilities players to finish various types of races at the same time as evading the local regulation enforcement in police interests. the collection launched its first title, the want for velocity, in 1994.

The series has been overseen and had video games advanced by using more than one fantastic teams over the years inclusive of ea black box and criterion video games, the builders of burnout.[1] the franchise has been seriously nicely received and is one of the most a success online game franchises of all time, promoting over a hundred and fifty million copies of games.[2] due to its robust sales, the franchise has improved into different styles of media which include a film variation and certified hot wheels toys.


The need for speed collection changed into at the beginning advanced via one of a kind software program, a online game studio primarily based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. previous to electronic arts’ purchase of the agency in 1991, it had created famous racing video games such as stunts and take a look at drive ii: the duel. after the purchase, the enterprise changed into renamed electronic arts (ea) Canada. the company capitalized on its enjoy in the area by means of growing the need for pace collection in late 1992.

Need for Speed

In 2009, ea introduced in slightly mad studios, due to sagging income, and they released need for pace: shift, and ea’s very own united kingdom-based company criterion video games got here with hot pursuit in 2010. in 2011, barely mad studios launched a sequel to shift, shift 2: unleashed and ea black field launched the run.

Ward would not confirm that every one need for velocity games in the destiny might be advanced completely by using criterion, however he did say the studio might have “sturdy.

Need for Speed



Almost all the video games within the nfs collection hire the identical essential regulations and similar mechanics: the player controls a race car in a diffusion of races, the intention being to win the race. inside the tournament/career mode, the participant must win a chain of races for you to release vehicles and tracks. before each race, the player chooses a vehicle and has the option of choosing both an automated or manual transmission. all games in the series have some shape of multiplayer mode allowing players to race each other thru a break up screen, a lan or the net. given that need for pace: excessive stakes, the collection has additionally integrated car frame customization into gameplay.

Although the games proportion the same name, their tone and recognition can vary significantly. for instance, in some games the vehicles can suffer mechanical and visual harm, while in different video games the vehicles cannot be damaged at all; in a few video games, the software simulates real-automobile conduct (physics), whilst in others there are extra forgiving physics.

With the release of want for speed: underground, the collection shifted from racing sports motors on scenic factor-to-factor tracks to an import/tuner subculture concerning avenue racing in an urban setting. to date, this subject matter has remained typical in maximum of the subsequent games.

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