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Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005 video game)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005 video game)
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005 video game)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005 video game): open international racing video game developed through ea canada and published by using digital arts. it’s miles the 9th installment inside the want for velocity series. the game features road racing-orientated game play, with sure customization options from the need for velocity: underground series. the game is succeeded via want for speed: carbon, which serves as a sequel to most wanted.

Most desired has been released for nintendo ds, microsoft home windows, ps 2, xbox, gamecube, sport boy improve and became a launch name for xbox 360. some other model of maximum desired, titled need for velocity: most desired 5-1-zero has been launched for the ps portable. in may also 2012, the ps 2 model become launched on the net virtual market, playstation store, for the playstation three, however become eliminated from the storefront later that yr – due to an declaration on june 1, 2012, a reboot of the sport, additionally called want for speed: most desired, became below improvement by using the british developing group criterion video games and become released on october 30, 2012.

Need for pace: maximum desired obtained high quality opinions and was a business success; it offered 16 million copies global, making it the exceptional-promoting name inside the collection.


Most wanted is like other need for velocity games, wherein the participant selects one car and races towards a time restriction or different racers to reach a vacation spot. police chases have all over again been incorporated into positive racing classes, wherein the police employ cars and methods to forestall the participant’s car and arrest the participant, like need for pace iii: warm pursuit and need for speed: hot pursuit 2. as gamers take manipulate of quicker vehicles and increasingly more depend upon nitrous oxide velocity boosts, the oxide meter now refills mechanically for the primary time considering its advent in underground, and riding sequences turn out to be fast-paced and extreme much like the burnout collection.

3 awesome regions are presented inside the metropolis of rockport, along with biking climate. racing occasions take region between sunrise and sundown, in contrast to inside the underground and carbon in which the events happened at night. a grand theft car-like free roam mode is provided as in need for pace: underground 2, but remains restrained to career mode, in addition to pursuit-based occasions in other modes.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005 video game)

Rockport has characteristics of towns inside the rust belt and pacific northwest with some resemblance to pittsburgh, seattle and portland. there are dirty business areas, greater affluent suburbs, mountainous and wooded surroundings and a downtown center. the climate is typically cloudy and changeable with frequent rain storms.

Logo advertising previously visible in underground 2, is present right here as properly, with antique spice, burger king restaurants, castrol oil, awl unlimited and area shaving gel featured. the cingular brand remains seen in the sport’s wi-fi conversation device. performance, frame and visual elements that may be offered in the game also are from real life organizations. however, great buy shops did not go back from underground 2.


The sport gives gamers with 3 recreation modes. the quick race mode lets in the player to pick a car and an event and at once start racing. the available cars and events are unlocked because the participant progresses through the storyline within the career mode. accomplishing dreams by triumphing races and appearing a finishing of moves, dubbed “milestones”, at some stage in police hobbies, as properly as a minimum bounty are had to improve inside the storyline and race towards any of the mode’s 15 blacklist racers. within the xbox 360 version, the participant is offered with achievements every time a blacklist opponent is defeated. profession mode introduces a brand new function – the capability to win a blacklist opponent’s automobile (“purple slip”), bonus capabilities, extra cash or vehicle elements and decors, after defeating the opponent in query. those come in the shape of six markers – the rival’s red slip (that is concealed as an advantage marker), bonus feature markers, and 3 custom backroom parts markers of which there is a frame component, visual upgrade, and performance marker (“junkman marker”) that the participant can choose – of which the player can pick handiest two. new vehicles and elements are also unlocked because the player progresses through profession mode with the aid of beating blacklist racers.

In addition to the short race and career modes, there is also a “task series” mode related to sixty nine regularly tough demanding situations where gamers are required to effectively whole tollbooth races and pursuit challenges, including tagging a number of police vehicles. the pre-tuned automobiles utilized in every venture are fixed, starting from mostly profession cars with negative managing to visitors vehicles including a sell off truck or police cars. additional bonus vehicles can be unlocked as the player progresses via task mode. the venture mode also has a cheat; by getting into the words ‘burgerking’, or for consoles via pressing a certain code at the d-pad, on the begin of the sport, the participant can avail the exceptional burger king assignment. once efficiently finished, the game will reward you with some thing, such as “junkman” elements. you can equip those components to your motors within the “my vehicles” menu to provide more overall performance to your automobile. these parts aren’t available in “career mode”.

In phrases of real versions of races, maximum desired inherits several racing modes prevalent in its underground predecessors. the game’s 4 current modes: circuit races, factor-to-point dash races, lap knockout races and drag races, stay in large part unchanged since the first generation of underground, even as drifting, avenue x, underground racing league tournaments and outrun racing are removed. in the meantime, maximum wanted sees the advent of two new racing versions, which locations emphasis on velocity. the primary mode is called tollbooth, in which a participant races alone to particular checkpoints along a point-to-factor route before time runs out; the greater time a player has as they attain a toll booth, the greater time they need to arrive at the subsequent one. the second mode, dubbed speedtrap, sees racers competing with each other to get the best accumulated pace report at more than one site visitors cameras. at a pace entice/site visitors digicam, gamers boost up their vehicle to goal for the very best feasible pace. accrued pace is decreased over a time frame after an opponent crosses the end line first; that is signified through intermittent flashing (each flash deducts 10 km/h from the amassed speeds) on the screen until the player (or the opponent automobile) crosses the finish line.

Pursuit system

Most desired features pursuit evasion in the game for the primary time in the collection for the reason that warm pursuit 2. in profession mode, police pursuits may also occur in the course of a race or all through unfastened roaming via the town, depending at the frequency of the police units in the vicinity and traffic offenses players have devoted. the player can provoke a pursuit without delay from the game’s safe residence or menu by way of deciding on an unfinished milestone or a bounty assignment. pursuits also can be initiated by using selecting the proper task within the project series mode. visitors offenses dedicated via the player are acknowledged in sport as infractions. those encompass speeding, immoderate rushing, reckless riding, driving off roadway, damage to assets, hit and run, ramming a police unit, and resisting arrest.

The system is notably extra complicated than its previous hot pursuit incarnations. the manner wherein the police deal with a participant is now decided by the “heat level” of the player’s modern-day automobile. heat degrees, which boom with the period of a police pursuit and the quantity of harm due to the player all through the pursuit, add a twist to the pursuit. the higher the car’s warmth degree, the extra competitive the police units are towards the player, employing additional strategies and tools, along with roadblocks, spike strips, police helicopters and heavier and faster police automobiles which includes police suvs and federal devices.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005 video game)

In profession mode, pastimes are included into the sport in this type of way that it’s far vital to take part in pursuit so that you can be able to challenge blacklist racers. the player ought to complete milestones which contain committing at least a exact amount of visitors offenses or pursuit lengths at some stage in a pursuit, and amassing an amount of bounty, a form of credit amassed as players maintain to avoid the police or harm police gadgets. a vehicle’s heat degree may be reduced through changing the bodily look of a car by using converting frame elements or paint color, or by way of the use of every other purchased automobile with a decrease warmness stage to race within the streets. if a car isn’t being utilized by the participant its warmness degree will slowly lower over the years. rap sheets, with facts which includes the participant’s infractions, fee to state, deployed techniques and pursuit lengths, also are to be had for viewing with the aid of hacking into police records.

Players are supplied with several additional features that are beneficial at some stage in pursuits. the speedbreaker, supplied within the driving interface, slows down time similar to bullet time additionally while momentarily adding weight to the player’s vehicle allowing it to emerge as greater difficult for other motors to push around, and induces a drift. this allows the player a confined amount of time to speedy maneuver the car out of tough conditions, or investigate an get away direction through a avenue block or spike strip blockade.[1] another characteristic in most desired are pursuit breakers, road-aspect items which might be designed to disintegrate whilst a player makes use of their automobile to knock down its guide, both adverse or disabling following police vehicles (which can be visually visible in many instances). in one instance, if a participant smashes via a gas station, the roof of the station falls probably crushing police units following them.

Pursuits in the game are break up into major components. the first part, that is the real pursuit itself, happens whilst the player is being actively chased with the aid of police. the second component, known as the “cooldown” mode, occurs when the police have overpassed the participant and are carrying out a search for him/her. all through this era of time, the pursuit and its corresponding timer are temporarily paused and a cooldown bar is enabled, a good way to slowly fill up as time passes. as soon as the bar fills up absolutely, the player is taken into consideration to have efficaciously avoided the pursuit. conversely, if a police unit spots the participant, the pursuit resumes. to keep away from the pursuit, it is essential to go into cooldown mode first. that is completed with the aid of getting a sure distance faraway from the police or by way of disabling police units. the period of the cooldown mode depends upon the participant’s warmth level; decrease the warmth degree, the lesser time it takes for the cooldown bar to refill and vice versa. cooldown spots, regions within the global typically now not seen from the street or helicopters, may be used to hide from pursuers and useful resource within the player’s get away. if the player reveals a hiding spot and stops they will spend considerably much less time in cooldown mode.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005 video game)


Online multiplayer become to be had on xbox 360, xbox, computer and ps portable. as much as four players can participate in an internet race and can race in 4 game modes along with circuit, sprint, lap knockout and velocity entice. furthermore, there’s the option to permit performance matching in an internet race. when performance matching is enabled, all motors in the race are mechanically upgraded to in shape the overall performance (i.e. pinnacle velocity, managing, etc.) of the quickest vehicle in that specific race. but, as soon as the race is over, all modifications made to the automobiles by using performance matching are eliminated. the web multiplayer lobby became close down on august 1, 2011.[2] it’s far nonetheless feasible to play the sport in multiplayer, even though: an unofficial amendment referred to as most wanted online is now in open beta.


Need for speed: most desired turned into met with fantastic evaluations. aggregating assessment websites gamerankings and metacritic gave the xbox 360 version eighty three.05% and eighty three/a hundred,[13][20] the xbox model 82.59% and 83/a hundred,[14][21] the playstation 2 version 81.56% and 82/one hundred,[15][22] the pc model 81.50% and 82/one hundred[16][23] and the gamecube version seventy nine.36% and eighty/one hundred.[17][24] however, the sport boy strengthen model become met with combined opinions with a score of sixty seven.33%[18] and the nintendo ds model became met with bad opinions with a rating of 46.89% and forty five/100.[19][25] gamespot gave the game an eight.four out of 10, praising the sport for its “sharp snap shots” and “tremendous sound outcomes”, but referred to the ai for being “too easy before everything, however too difficult afterward”.[29] want for speed: maximum wanted was a industrial fulfillment; it offered sixteen million copies global and three.9 million inside the u.s.a., making it the excellent-selling title inside the series.[32]

Ign gave it an 8.5 out of 10 “awesome” score, praising almost each element of the game. praise turned into given to the map layout, defined as “a crazily chromed out, sepia-tone landscape of commercial structures”, vehicle modeling, saying “the auto fashions are particularly sleek searching too”, the car line up and the return of exotics. specially robust praise become given to the police machine, saying “the police officers are never that clever, however they always develop in aggressiveness and numbers.” and “they add that very vital aspect of project, annoyance, and warmth that makes this recreation so amusing”. reward even went to the cut scenes and their casting, which commonly falls sufferer to critics, announcing “this combination of lively, exceptionally colored fmv characters and stylized backgrounds is both ingenious and clean”.[31]

The ps 2 version of maximum desired received a “double platinum” sales award from the entertainment and amusement software publishers affiliation (elspa),[33] indicating income of at least 600,000 copies inside the uk.

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