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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010 video game)

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010 video game)
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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010 video game)

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010 video game): online game developed through criterion games and posted by using digital arts for PS 3, xbox 360, wii, microsoft windows, ios, android, webs and windows phone. the wii version changed into advanced by way of exigent leisure. warm pursuit is the 16th need for speed identify and became launched in november 2010, with digital distribution variations launched within december 2010.

Warm pursuit’s gameplay is set in the fictional sea crest county, which is based on California, wherein players can compete in several forms of races. players can compete on line (except in the wii version), which includes extra game modes inclusive of warm pursuit, interceptor and race. the game features a new social interaction gadget referred to as “auto log”, which is a community that connects friends for head-to-head races and compares player stats for competition. the sport also features paid downloadable content material inside the shape of recent cars, new race and pursuit events, and new trophies and achievements.

Warm pursuit turned into properly received by using critics at e3 2010 and become maximum appreciably provided with “fine racing sport” from the 2010 sport critics awards in addition to several different media retailers. it won several excellent racing recreation awards, together with pleasant driving recreation at the spike 2010 online game awards. the sport also received a bafta award for its auto log multiplayer component.


Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Warm pursuit is going lower back to the need for pace series’ roots and takes on the gameplay fashion of earlier want for velocity iii: warm pursuit and want for pace: warm pursuit 2 titles within the need for pace franchise with distinguished motors and excessive-pace police chases. hot pursuit we could players be both a racer or a police motive force, and functions a full profession mode for both roles. the connection among the law enforcement officials and racers is described as “a canine chasing down a rabbit”; the police being extra powerful at the same time as the racers are faster. each facet has several energy-including calling for roadblocks and radar jamming.[7] in keeping with criterion the single-player segment is somewhere among 12 and 15 hours lengthy, but with masses of replay cost.[8]

The game takes place in a fictional area known as seacrest county primarily based on southern California, Arizona, and colorado.[7] it is an open world and features over a hundred miles (a hundred and sixty km) of open road, four instances larger than that of burnout paradise, criterion’s preceding title.[9] warm pursuit functions a brand new social interaction system called “auto log” which is defined as “facebook for the sport”.[10] the sport capabilities both single-participant and multiplayer recreation modes with up to 8 players; as an choice to stay multiplayer racing, players can submit records and achievements on the autolog feed for buddies to look, which they then can try to beat. autolog also incorporates an enjoy machine known as “bounty”.[11] as of july 2012, the web dashboard for autolog was close down for all games, besides want for velocity: most desired.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010 video game)

The driving mode of the game is defined as “fun, accessible, k”, however now not as arcade-styled as burnout paradise, but some distance from a simulator.all motors in hot pursuit are licensed real-world automobiles and suvs, defined as “all of the vehicles you dreamed of driving, inside the way you dreamed of using them”.

Most vehicles are to be had in each racer and police editions, however a few cars are distinct to each aspect. also exclusively featured in the hot pursuit is the porsche 918 spider.[15] ferrari however, remaining visible in a shift dlc-p.c. but appreciably absent from all other want for speed video games considering hot pursuit 2, is likewise absent from warm pursuit.[16] there is no car customization or tuning, other than colour changing, “simply due to the fact the game definitely makes a specialty of the recent pursuit detail.”[11] in contrast to previous need for speed video games which use unbranded, fictional models, real automobiles just like the Audi a4, Chevrolet cobalt, porsche cayenne, nissan frontier, and ram 1500 are used as site visitors cars.


The wii version of need for speed: hot pursuit has very little in common with its xbox 360, playstation 3 and home windows counterparts. this version become designed by using a different organization (exigent enjoyment), and changed into a very special recreation in almost each digital component: pics, soundtrack, racing modes, gameplay, and customization.[17][18][19] some reviewers noted that the wii model confirmed stark similarities to a preceding want for pace installment, nitro.[20] this model takes vicinity in four actual-life towns the world over, instead of the fictional seacrest county in the different versions.

In profession mode, there are 4 first rate-tournaments (every town) and a grand prix tournament. every superb-event includes 4 smaller tournaments, which include warm pursuit (circuit with law enforcement officials), eliminator (knockout), time marker (solo timed circuit) and rush hour (one hundred to one) races. each superb match concludes with a MD race, that is a unfastened roam race (with GPS) to capture more of the checkpoint flags than the boss (2 out of 3, and so on.). except career, the sport offers short race mode, which allows as much as 4 gamers on break up displays, every with their personal map, and the 4 race kinds from career plus a fifth, “interceptor” (be a cop & bust a speeder).

The motors, purchased with bounty, improve in pace, acceleration, and energy (d, c, b, a, and s magnificence automobiles, plus police motors inside the quick race’s “interceptor” race). racers do now not have names, just the career/profile names. at some stage in the race, gamers can collect and use everyday nitro and high-quality nitro (greater powerful but shorter), similar to want for pace: nitro. power-ups/”supes” are obtained whilst riding: raise (extra nitro), drain (others’ nitro), cruise manipulate (brief car-steering), deflect the warmth (ship police after combatants), jammed (invisibility to police), tank (resistance to crash damage), soundwave (round explosion), and restore (immediately automobile recovery). repair is the maximum critical, as gamers’ automobile must be in top repair to build up nitro and be immune from being busted via the police officers.

A complicated but vast range of visible customization alternatives is available, along with body kits, wheels, and a full range of colors & vinyls, together with freehand drawing capacity. the maximum obvious difference is that the pics and racing physics in this model are absolutely distinctive from the other versions, giving it a unfashionable appearance and sense harking back to an awful lot older pre-game cube or Mario kart type games.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010 video game)


The sport turned into first hinted at at some stage in e3 2009 with the aid of ea’s ceo, john Torricelli. Torricelli said that criterion games, developers of ea’s own burnout collection, became working on a “innovative” addition to the want for speed franchise, pointing out: “we don’t have a plan proper now for a separate primary launch on burnout, because the crew doing it’s miles working on a innovative tackle want for pace.”[21] the title changed into showed to be in improvement via ea’s chief running officer, john pleasant, at a stock assembly in june 2009, in which he said: “we’ve taken the burnout crew and blended it with our want for speed franchise. so we have that in our favor due to the fact that burnout group is probably one of the extra online-eccentric and considerably remarkable sport developers that we have out at criterion.”[22] shift manufacturer, Jesse abbey, expressed his delight to paintings with criterion games, pointing out that it’d be a “extraordinary team to work with on that stuff,” referencing the improvement of want for velocity.[23] it became stated that the sport was scheduled for launch in this fall 2010.[24] ea’s coo, john scrapper, stated that the q4 nfs name changed into, “a brand new motion based totally want for pace from our criterion studio,” in a publish-monetary report conference call.[25] the identify turned into officially discovered as need for velocity: warm pursuit at ea’s media briefing at some stage in e3 2010, with a trailer which confirmed a excessive-velocity police chase regarding 3 extraordinary racers. the trailer was accompanied by using a stay demo of the sport on level among creative director Craig Sullivan as a cop and manufacturer Matt Webster as a racer.[26] consistent with Torricelli, the sport was in development for two years.[27]

In august 2010, before want for speed: warm pursuit was set to take center level at ea’s press conference throughout games com, it changed into introduced by using art director Henry layabout that criterion collaborated with battlefield creators ea digital illusions Ce (dice) in building the large open global of want for velocity: warm pursuit.[28] early in november 2010, Patrick Sunderland, senior vice president of ea games europe, said this of the collaboration: “i assume the most important factor, when you have excellent builders working together, for it to paintings, they want to have mutual appreciate. they need to have that recognize, to mention ‘good enough, we agree with you to try this.’ this changed into a case in which that was so obvious, where the criterion team had a full agree with inside the cube crew to do what they have been doing, and vice versa.”[29]

Current games in the want for pace franchise covered a story, but Matt Webster, producer of hot pursuit, stated: “we didn’t definitely suppose it turned into vital to consist of a tale. if you’re a cop, the intention is to move up the ranks, at the same time as a racer’s aim is to get to the very best rank they could.”[30] ea said that the combination of acclaimed developer criterion games, a socially-targeted on-line mode and reputable car licences makes the franchise more available than before. united kingdom product manager for want for pace Kevin Flynn said: “this is surely the nice want for velocity I’ve visible up to now. i concept shift turned into a amazing recreation but different and a piece serious, while hot pursuit is greater fun and accessible.”[31]

With the sport sharing the equal name as the 1998 installment in the franchise, the game’s creative director, craig sullivan, told why they didn’t name the sport some thing totally special, declaring: “to be sincere while we commenced out making the game we didn’t understand it became going to be called want for pace: hot pursuit, we simply didn’t. we got to the game before we were given to the name. we found out we had been making something that had a whole lot of police officers in it and turned into definitely interesting to us, so we thought what can we call this? subsequently we notion this surely fits pretty properly with warm pursuit and went with it.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010 video game)


The sport functions 7.1 channel surround sound in pcm (Dolby digital and dts are also to be had). the soundtrack of warm pursuit functions a well known track list as is visible in ea black box want for speed games including most desired, carbon and undercover as opposed to a scored soundtrack as seen in pro street and shift.[34] the music “fringe of the earth” with the aid of thirty seconds to mars serves as the game’s subject matter song. players also can upload custom soundtracks to the sport, so that any tune stored at the participant’s tough pressure can be selected in the course of gameplay, as long as they’re introduced to a playlist thru the console’s system menu.[35] as well as optionally the usage of songs from the participant’s hard power, numerous categories of licensed track are available for the sport’s racing, menu screens, and the picture mode.

Updates and expansions

Ea announced the one million undertaking on 25 november 2010. if the need for velocity: hot pursuit launch trailer received 1,000,000 perspectives on youtube by way of 12 december 2010, a unfastened downloadable content (dlc) % would be released with 3 new vehicles.[37][38] even though the trailer fell brief of the million perspectives, ea nonetheless provided the 3 automobiles without cost. ea stated the motors could be added to the sport thru a future title update at the PS three and xbox 360; computer have been told that ea will share greater information when it turns into available.[39] on 14 december 2010 the first update was launched which brought the three cars to the participant’s storage. xbox 360 players skilled issues with the replace.[citation needed] criterion released another xbox 360 title replace the next day,[40] however, some users reported that the new replace had brought about their career saves and racing stats to be reset.[citation needed] on 17 december 2010 a third title replace changed into launched which repaired these issues.[41][42] criterion released the professional second update for the consoles on 15 February 2011, addressing some minor problems and glitches.[43]

Criterion also promised updates to feature new capabilities in addition to bug fixes for the laptop version. the primary update for the pc became launched on 26 november 2010 which addressed crashes, problems with element ratios, and lacking results. d-field movement chair guide became additionally introduced.[44] the second one update for the laptop changed into launched on 19 january 2011, which constant issues with flickering pics, controller configurations, steering reaction, participant car engine audio extent, cpu overall performance and rare crash issue whilst coming into the profession map display screen. the three free cars from the one million assignment became also brought.[45][46] the 0.33 update for the computer was released on 17 march 2011, which fixed numerous problems gamers had been having regarding sport crashes and insects.[47] the fourth update for laptop become launched on 4 april 2011, which stamped out every other 30 percent of the sport’s acknowledged bugs, with a complete of seventy seven percent of the troubles fixed.[48] the 5th replace for computer changed into released on 14 april 2011, as with the maximum recent patch this new replace is particularly to cope with numerous sport crash problems which players have encountered while playing the sport. one game crash specially, which befell on some systems while players had been brought about to “press any key”, has been fixed in this patch.[49] ea introduced that pc model of the game would no longer receive downloadable content material. criterion showed this on their professional message forums; “we’ve a limited quantity of resources that makes it in order that we are not able to deliver new content to all systems, however we do have more updates and content on the way for computer gamers.


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